Idea Rights

These pages contain news and posts that discuss idea rights and intellectual property. See the “drop down sub menu.”

THIS IS A COMPLETELY NON-COMMERCIAL SITE. “.com” here signifies community for us. We hope the pages about the book Idea Rights meet that requirement fully. They are intended primarily to provide updates and tools for those who use two books written by hca. The promotion of those books is done by the publishers–period

These pages also include information about the book Idea Rights. That book contains concise, lively and accurate coverage of intellectual property issues. Choice Magazine describes the book: “[A]n excellent text for students, scholars, legal professionals, and the general public. With its practical examples, illustrations, and case studies, laypeople will find it very readable. Others will appreciate its incorporation of tables of principal legal authorities and numerous footnotes, mostly referring to case law. …Suggestions for legal alternatives and changes are put forward as ways to balance private versus public interest. Readers will find that the impact of the Internet permeates this volume. The appendix is an Internet case study with excerpts of documents from the Perfect 10 v. Google court case.” — CHOICE Magazine, March 2012. Available from: Publisher–Carolina Academic Press, Idea Rights: A Guide to Intellectual Property (Kindle available) and Powell’s Books (the huge book store in Portland Oregon.)

Please see Idea Rights–A Guide to Intellectual Property: New Matter. This page helps fulfill the notion that Idea Rights does not go “out of date.” Also, new items of interest to idea rights followers will begin to appear starting July 27, 2012 at Idea Rights–News.