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Glenn Greenwald: As WikiLeaks Reveals Syria Files, Assange Remains in Ecuador Embassy Seeking Asylum

WHY IS JULIAN ASSANGE IN THE ECUADORIAN EMBASSY? TAKE A LOOK AT THIS– GLENN GREENWALD: So, as far as his current situation is concerned, I think everybody agrees that the allegations that have been made in Sweden, they’re not—he’s not … Continue reading

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WikiLeaks: Syria Files Will Embarrass Syria and Its Foes-

Democracy Now! reports–In Syria news, the online whistleblower WikiLeaks continues to release documents from the Syria Files, more than two million emails said to be from Syrian political figures, ministries and associated companies over a six-year period ending earlier this … Continue reading

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Tech Companies Leave Phone Calls Behind – NYTimes.com

Tech Companies Leave Phone Calls Behind – NYTimes.com As if being an unpaid employee waiting on a menu driven 800 number weren’t enough. Want a response from corpocracy, a real business address, phone number? Fat chance… Tech Companies Leave Phone … Continue reading

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