Anawalts and Cognate Families
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Anawalts and Cognate Families

A family history can be an inclusive matter. John Anawalt Wakefield’s 1935 History and Genealogy of the Anawalts and Cognate Families traces the roots of the American Anawalt family name to the arrival of Fallhenden Annawallt (or Valentin Annewald)  on the ship Snow Squirrel in 1761. Since then people with the family name have multiplied by birth, marriage and adoption.

The inclusiveness of a family is illustrated by my own. My sister, Coco (Colleen), and I are Anawalt-Popkiss-Clarke-Haslams (in any order one chooses.) My wife, Susan, is a Hodgman-Wilding-Albin-Douglas. Our sons would be Anawalt-Clarke-Hodgman-Albin by the same truncation of a family tree. John Anawalt Wakefield, a maternal branch Anawalt, wrote the History and Genealogy. My sister is now a LeCour, and, of course, we claim that her husband Dick is an Anawalt. My nephew Richard has two daughters and a son. His most recent daughter was born in Ukraine, and just two years ago she joined the LeCours, our family.

Visiting Michigan or Astoria, Oregon I consider myself Howie Hodgman or Howie Heavenrich. The generation of my first cousins has it easier than most, for my Dad’s two sisters married the brothers Myers. Thus, we are all easily Myers-Anawalts, as our reunions go. I would like it if we identified Native American Anawalts.

We’d like to build up reliable entries and links, as ancestor John did for the Anawalts and cognate families. So if you will pass on information to me or wish to link to this site, please do.* This includes all the hundreds and more families who have a connection by birth, adoption, or marriage. You can see how vast that list is. Links or separate pages on this website can do the trick.

The degrees of separation are degrees of connection. Our world must embrace itself. “They shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.” Isaiah “If you see yourself in others, how can you do harm to anyone.” Buddha


June 23, 2011

* “cognate synonyms-”-“associated, related, connected, allied, linked; similar, like, alike, akin, kindred, comparable, parallel, corresponding, analogous.” Apple Thesaurus. Partly due to this website, I have been contacted my Anawalts I do not know.Please pass on suggestions about the manner of presentation of materials on this website, too.

Download--John Anawalt Wakefield’s 1935 History and Genealogy of the Anawalts and Cognate Families anawalt history and genealogy.pdf

Myers/Anawalt reunion September 4, 2011

We done had a good time! Link to Reunion.

Link to Dan Mardesich’s current family tree-- HFA-Genealogy.pdf

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